Hydro Jetting Colorado Springs

When traditional methods do not work to unclog difficult blockages, it is time to turn to a method that is perfect for taking care of tough clogs. This method is known as hydrojetting, which involves spraying water under very high pressure into your sewer or drain to clear blockages. The pressure of the water is usually between 1500 to 4000 pounds per minute!

This method is commonly used in residential and commercial situations to clear grease, sand, or sediment that has been building up in your drains for years. First, your drain cleaning specialist will use a drain inspection camera to see exactly what is causing the blockage and where it is located. Then, if your specialist believes that the clog is something that can be cleared by hydrojetting, they will do so. As the tool used for high pressure jetting moves through your drains, it breaks up any blockage that is in the way. Hydrojetting does not involve major construction on your sewer or drains, so it is a very favorable option when choosing a drain clearing method.

It should be noted that hydrojetting does not fix any problems that are caused by broken pipes. This is why it is important for a plumber to use the drain inspection camera to see what is causing the blockage because your pipes can be further damaged by high pressure water if they are weak.

As you can probably imagine, this method can get very messy and can only be completed by an experienced drain cleaner or plumber. If you are looking for hydrojetting in Colorado Springs, contact Leo’s Sewer and Drain! We offer free estimates and will never recommend a service that you do not need!

Do you need to repair your sewer but want to avoid displacing your entire yard and landscaping? Depending on the severity of your repair service, you may be able to opt for trenchless sewer repair. This method of repair can save homeowners from ruining their yards and spending large amounts of money on an entire excavation service.

Sewer repairs are not something that you’ll have to worry about on a yearly basis as long as you take preventative measures to make sure nothing major is happening below the ground. Normally, a sewer system can last up to 40 years if it is taken care of properly throughout the course of its life. This doesn’t mean that if you buy a brand new house that you’ll be in the clear for 40 years. Just because your particular sewer line attached to your home is brand new, the connecting pipe that connects to the main sewer line to take sewage away from your home may be much older. 

Trenchless sewer repair is a newer technique used in the repair process. Several homeowners do not realize that this is a viable option because when they figure out that they need to repair their sewer, it is usually in an emergency situation and time to research alternative methods is not realistic. Truth is, trenchless sewer repair can be used to fix several sewer problems. This method is not only cosmetically better for homeowners, but is also cheaper than a complete excavation service.

If you think that you are in need of a sewer repair service but don’t want to dig up your entire yard, call Leo’s Sewer and Drain Cleaning! We are able to complete a trenchless sewer repair. Our experienced technicians are trained in this area of plumbing services and are ready to help you today!


Sewer Repair

How do you know if home is in need of a sewer repair? Since this process can be expensive, many people opt for drain cleaning when they start noticing problems with their sewer. This is a great first step, but if the problem is not solved by drain cleaning, it may be time to think about repairing your sewer.

So what are the signs of needing a sewer repair? This is not something that comes up yearly for most homeowners, so it can be difficult to tell. If you notice cracked or broken sewer pipes, leaky pipes, frequent toilet backups, drains that empty very slowly, discolored or rusty water, or smelly sewage, it’s time to call in a professional to address the problem. Waiting too long to fix these issues can make the cost of a sewer repair skyrocket. The faster you address the problem, the less damage that will be done, and the cheaper your sewer repair will be.

It is also a good idea to get a sewer inspection when you are buying a home. Before making one of the biggest investments of your life, you should make sure that you won’t have to spend extra money on a sewer repair service that you were unaware of before buying the home.

Who can you call for sewer repair services or a sewer inspection? Leo’s Sewer and Drain offers both of these services at prices that cannot be beat! We service Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. If you think that you need a sewer repair, we will assess the situation and determine whether your sewer problems can be fixed with a regular drain cleaning service, or if you should opt for the total repair. You can trust that we will get the job done right the very first time. Call us today!

Excavation Contractors

When you are in need of a sewer repair, you have two options. If your sewer repair can be easily fixed, you can opt for a trenchless sewer repair. This will result in not having to ruin your entire yard to dig down to your sewer lines. If your sewer repair is more severe, it can only be fixed by excavation.

During an excavation, your excavation contractor will first prepare the site that is going to be excavated. They will then remove the soil to expose your sewer lines. This is a precise process because one bad move can cause more damage to the sewer. After the sewer line is repaired, they will re-bury the sewer line.

Where can you find an expert excavation contractor? Leo’s Sewer and Drain can perform your excavation project. If you think you may be in need of this service, one of our experienced plumbers will come out to your property to examine the source of the problem. They will then decide whether the repairs can be completed using the trenchless method, or if you should opt for the full excavation.

Leo’s Sewer and Drain will never try to sell you a service that you do not need. We pride ourselves in offering affordable plumbing in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. Along with excavation, we also offer several residential and commercial plumbing services. Check out the services page for a full list of plumbing and drain cleaning services!

Emergency Plumbing Services

What happens when there is a plumbing emergency in the middle of the night or on a weekend? Are you supposed to deal with the problem until the next available time to call a plumber? No. You need to get in contact with someone who offers emergency plumbing services! You shouldn’t have to deal with a clogged toilet or a broken drain pipe for an extended period of time just because it decided to break or stop working at a bad time.

So who can you call for emergency plumbing services? The answer is Leo’s Sewer and Drain! We offer plumbing and drain cleaning services in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. And yes, we are available 24/7 in order to give our customers the best plumbing services that conveniently fit into their schedule. We don’t want you to wait until the problem gets worse to call us. Contact us immediately as soon as you realize that you have a plumbing problem. The sooner we address the issue, the easier it is to be fixed.

We have some of the most satisfied customers in the city! This is because we make ourselves available all the time to offer the highest quality services. We service Colorado Springs, Woodland Park, Monument, Castle Rock, Fountain, and several areas in between! In most cases, we can get to your home or business the exact same day that you call us. We never try to sell you a service that you do not need. We clean drains, not bank accounts. Call us today, at any time, for all emergency plumbing services or regular plumbing services! To see a full list of services that we offer, check out our services page!

Have you ever noticed that the biggest plumbing disasters seem to happen at the most inconvenient times? These things never happen when you’re fully prepared to get the problem fixed. That’s why it’s important to know who to call in situations like this. You want a company that can come fix the problem during the week, on the weekend, during the day, or even at night. Leo’s Sewer and Drain is the company that you’ve been searching for. We offer 24 hour emergency plumbing in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. You can count on us whenever you experience a plumbing disaster.

When you call Leo’s Sewer and Drain in the middle of the night, you won’t get an answering machine or a call center. You will get your call answered by one of our experienced plumbers that is ready to come fix the problem. We do not charge extra for nights or weekends either, so you plumbing repair services will always be affordable. Whether you have a normal plumbing problem, or an emergency with your sewer line, Leo’s is the company that can handle everything.

24 hour emergency plumbing in Colorado Springs is hard to find. But now you have found a company that is proud to offer this service. We understand that you cannot control when plumbing disasters happen, so someone should be available to help you all the time. We pride ourselves in offering our customers the best and most convenient services in Colorado Springs.

For all 24 hour emergency plumbing in Colorado Springs, contact Leo’s Sewer and Drain. We always have one of our experienced plumbers on hand to assist you at any time. We can unclog kitchen drains, toilets, floor drains, shower and tub drains, as well as any problems you may be facing with your sewage system. You can trust us to fix the problem right the first time! Call us today!