Drain Snake Colorado Springs

A popular way to take care of tough clogs is by using a drain snake. This is a slender, flexible metal wire that has the ability to shred or pull the clog out of the drain so it can be cleared. If you have a tough clog that being resistant to traditional unclogging methods, the next step to take is using a drain snake. Any plumber in Colorado Springs should be able to assist you in this process since it can get very messy.

There are several benefits to using a drain snake. Not only will you be clearing the blockage that is ultimately causing the clog, but you will also be clearing the entire drain. Your drains will be working just as well as they were when they were brand new.

Drain snakes are sometimes used to unclog sewer lines that may be overgrown with plants or small tree roots. These drain snakes can easily fit into the sewer line to destroy any blockage that lies within. A drain snake camera is often used to see the blockage, then the plumber can effectively see how they need to maneuver the drain snake to clear the blockage.

If you are unsuccessful at unclogging your drains with a drain snake, the next step to take would be hydrojetting. This process involves spraying high pressure water into the drains to clear the blockage. If you are in need of an experienced plumber to help clear your drains, call Leo’s Sewer and Drain! We would be happy to help you with any of your plumbing needs!